Automating the Video Process


Because its just me running the show I’ve decided to alleviate some common tasks by automating. Here is my list that I’m currently working through.

Goal Solution
No charging and swapping camera batteries Use dummy batteries that plug the camera directly into a wall outlet
Remotely turn on power for all cameras This is easy just leave the camera’s on and plugged into a power strip
No SD Card Removal By hooking up the cameras to a USB hub they will automatically connect to my PC when the hub is plugged into the computer. The down side is that file transfer this way is 70% slower than plugging the SD Card directly into a reader. I’m ok with this because it saves me the hassle of having to remove the camera from the mount since the Panasonic Lumix G7 has the SD card in the battery bay.
Remotely start recording all cameras simultaneously The wiring for the remote is extremely simple, just a few resistors and a 2.5mm jack. So I’ll be creating a remote for each camera and connecting them all to a single button I can press to start/stop video recording.
Automatically copy camera files & rename them A simple computer program will automatically copy the latest files and rename them according to which camera they came from. This process will also be able to grab the .Wav files from the Audio SD card.


The camera dolly rig is slowly turning into this weird medical looking device as wires keep sprouting!


Editing Angles

I’m also toying around with a simple application that will play back all the camera’s at 3x the speed and allowing me to click which angle I want to use as the playback happens. Afterwards the software can then automatically pre-slice the files for the editing process. The goal of course is to make the editing that much faster.


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