Camera Dolly & Rig Prototype Test 1

Home made camera dolly/rig

I discovered a new talent of mine last week while building the camera dolly. Apparently I am a natural at breaking cobalt drill bits! The real lesson is don’t drill into the fold of a steel angle without a drill press. Although I’m not completely convinced that would have saved me.

Test Footage Here

Drilling steel is amazing. Its invigorating to drill through such a material and stirs your imagination with possibilities. Despite the motivation from the dolly base, which was a complete success, I decided to treat the construction of the Rig like a K’NEX kit. I only had to make 3 cuts and the rest was just nuts and bolts. Everything is still early in design but the test footage from the rig is smooth and perfect. Next step is to get a camera up top and address any shaking issues.

You may be wondering why walls are in crisis! The handy man I hired took over 7 hours to do two rooms and never even finished. I cut my losses and will be finishing the paint job myself… Once I decide what the wall should look like.

I got really close to my detailed plans that I took all afternoon to draw up! Afternoon; a word which here means 5-7 minutes. I really shot from the hip on this one.



Camera Slider Prototype



Camera Slider Prototype Test Footage Here


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