Workbench Counter Top Base

Counter Workbench Cabinet

Woodworking is one of my favorite hobbies, despite my lack of prowess. But I successfully refrained from allowing this piece of the project to consume a great deal of my time.

Construction is simple and only took about 3 hours to design and build over two weekends. The next steps will be to build another wheel track under the table to stabilize the dolly control arm which will slide beneath the length of the entire counter structure.

The carriage screws I had lying around in the garage so they aren’t the ideal length but I can always grind them down if they get in the way. I’ve never really thought much about adding a drill press to my garage until this project. I’m getting by but at every step I wish I had one!

It’s level!


After I finished I couldn’t help but imagine this being a great workbench for my garage. If you are looking for a workbench design or actual woodworking videos checkout Matthias Wandel‘s Channel.

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